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Early identification of and intervention for readers who are below grade level is crucial to their success. Closing the reading gap takes a unique understanding of the needs of striving readers. Follett has a number of resources specifically to help striving readers succeed.

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The earlier you can reach striving readers, the better their chances of achieving grade-level reading. You can have a greater impact with the right tools. Shop research-based, high-quality books and materials designed to help your striving students achieve grade-level reading.

Sunshine Classics

Sunshine Classics a Follett exclusive

This integrated/ELA reading program offers leveled readers for beginning K-2 readers. These natural-language texts feature the introduction and repetition of high-frequency words, illustration and text matching, sentence construction and line breaks.

Alive Studios

Red Rocket Readers

Red Rocket™ Readers use controlled vocabulary and appropriately sized, well-spaced and easy-to-read type. Created by world-renowned literacy specialist, teacher and author Pam Holden, the story structure, characters, humor and plots combine graduated word recognition and language development with wonderful stories, ensuring students’ progress with confidence and enthusiasm.

Alive Studios

Alive Studios

Alive Studios offers alphabet and number cards that spring to life to engage early learners! This is the first supplemental reading and math program based on AR technology. Supports ELL/ESL students.

Hi-Lo, Audio and Large Print Books

Hi-Lo, Audio and Large Print Books

Hi-lo titles are appropriate for Title I funding and can help bring students up to grade level. Audiobooks can help ELL/ESL students improve reading skills, pronunciation and vocabulary. Large print books can assist with word recognition and reading comprehension.

Follett Science and Literacy Connections Programâ„¢

Follett Science and Literacy Connections Program™

This K-5 program helps students develop informational literacy skills while learning about science. The program conforms to NGSS, CCSS ELA, TEKS and WIDA standards with differentiated materials. Available in English and Spanish.

Follett Classroom Libraries

Classroom Libraries

Guided Reading bundles include titles in sets of six, so you can support and guide students with reading strategies during small group instruction. Bookroom options are also available.

National Geographic

National Geographic

National Geographic offers social studies, history, geography and science content from their world-renowned explorers, writers and photographers. Available in English and Spanish. Teacher support material included.

Ladders (Grades 3-5)
Ladders is a family of three science and social studies-focused programs featuring differentiated readers at multiple levels.

Global Issues (Grades 6-8)
This program focuses on 12 important geographic and environmental issues at three reading levels.

Explore (Grades 6-8)
Explore offers reference, news and magazine content on social studies, science and geography, featuring multimedia support on some texts.