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The Follett IB Store is here! The same great IB materials and merchandise you previously purchased through the IB Store (store.ibo.org) is delivered with the expertise and support of Follett, a worldwide leader in educational solutions and products. Visit  titlewave.com/go/ib today for all your IB material and merchandise needs.

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This collaboration fuses the outstanding materials from the IB Store with Follett's expert customer care and unmatched education-industry knowledge. The IB and Follett work closely together to ensure a seamless experience in the online store.

IB Materials & Much More

At the center of the collaboration between Follett and the IB is the Follett IB Store, which is the only place to purchase materials produced by the IB. You are also able to purchase countless books and supporting materials from premier IB publishers such as Oxford University Press, Pearson, Cambridge University Press and more.

Best-In-Class Support

Follett offers excellent customer service and support for IB World Schools. The store features more cost-effective shipping, dedicated customer support and easy access to Follett’s suite of education management solutions. You're spending less time shopping, and more time educating.

One-Stop Shopping

The Follett IB Store includes helpful lists of IB curriculum-supporting materials from Follett's extensive collection, curated by a team of educational experts. We also make it easy to access IB programme guides for the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme. Gathering materials organization-wide is a snap.

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Stuart Crouch, IB Educator

Hear From an IB Educator

For Stuart Crouch, Head of Libraries at the International School of Düsseldorf, Germany, the new Follett IB Store represents an opportunity to expand resources and strengthen curriculum.

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Follett IB Store Preview

Sneak Peek: Follett IB Store

View an exclusive preview of the new store.

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Still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Follett?

    Follett is a leading supplier of educational materials to schools around the world, serving more than 65,000 school libraries and providing millions of educational titles for the library and classroom.

  • Is Follett a part of the International Baccalaureate® (IB)?

    No; Follett is a distributor focused on the needs of schools worldwide. Follett and the IB have entered into an exclusive agreement; Follett will be the sole provider of all materials produced or printed by IB Publishing Ltd.

  • Are all of the books in the Follett IB Store published or endorsed by the IB?

    No; the Follett IB Store contains handpicked titles from many publishers. Only books that have the IB logo on the cover, or a publisher name of "IB Publishing Ltd" are produced or endorsed by the IB.

  • Why is https://store.ibo.org going away?

    Follett is working with the IB to provide a more effective and comprehensive shopping experience. The new Follett IB Store will give users more choices and options when they shop for IB materials.

  • Will Follett continue to provide new IB Publishing Ltd. products?

    Yes; Follett will continue to work with the IB in providing new, exciting publications and materials to support the IB programmes. Follett will also continue working with other IB-relevant third party publishers.

  • Will Follett offer eBooks in the new IB Store?

    Follett will carry official IB pdf digital downloads on the new store, but we will not offer eBooks or pdf digital downloads from any other publisher at FollettIBStore.com. If you are an educator interested in purchasing eBooks, please visit Titlewave.

  • What is the difference between the Follett IB Store and Titlewave®

    The new Follett IB Store will provide access to all IB materials and hand-selected materials from various publishers that support the IB curriculum. Anyone can purchase from the Follett IB Store. Titlewave requires an account and is designed for professional educators. Titlewave features millions of titles from thousands of publishers, along with tools that assist teachers and librarians with their collection.

  • Does Follett have additional IB-supporting materials and resources?

    Yes; Follett has an extensive catalogue of resources from the IB and many other leading publishers including Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Pearson and others.

  • What are your shipping charges?

    Customers located in the United States will enjoy free shipping. For Canadian and international customers, Follett offers competitive shipping rates with various carriers. Shipping rates vary by country and the number and value of items in your cart.

  • Can I use my existing Follett Titlewave account?

    Yes; IB materials will be available to all existing Titlewave users. After November 1, 2015, head to Titlewave (hyperlink: www.titlewave.com) and locate the new IB section to guide you along. You can also use the Titlewave search function to locate IB materials with key terms such as "PYP."


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