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What is Collections?

Collections by Destiny® is an easy way for teachers, curriculum staff and librarians to share ideas, webpages, images, documents, videos and eBooks from anywhere. Whether you need a place to house all of your resources for specific units, or want to have your students pin a list of resources for a project, Collections can help reduce instructional planning time, increase usage of your resources and encourage deeper learning in and out of school. You can choose to share your Collections between users or across the district or school.

Classroom Ready Collections

Teacher Approved and Ready-to-Use

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Share library resources, whether it's an eBook or a website, with your teachers, students and curriculum teams. You can promote materials from your library and even display call numbers.

Great for curating and sharing vetted open educational resources (OERs).


Pair content with instructional goals, and provide personalized learning for students. Save all your activities, pictures and videos in Collections to bring your lesson to life. Add already-created notes, worksheets, quizzes and more. Work virtually to curate supplemental materials for new units, lessons and projects. Add documents from Google Classroom, or upload videos to set the stage for a lesson.

Use for personalized learning, flipped classroom and 1:1 initiatives.


Collections is a user-friendly tool that everyone can benefit from, with no maintenance required by technology teams. Use what you've already purchased, including print books, eBooks and databases.

Compatible with Google Classroom, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.


Learn about credible sources when reviewing and selecting resources for projects. Save an eBook for a book report, link to videos and share websites with your teacher. Collaborate with peers on group projects. Use Google Drive™ and Microsoft OneDrive to share collections with parents.

Applies to all grade levels in any type of school.

Interested in learning more about Collections? Check out our courses, blogs and webinars on Follett Community.

How do I get Collections at my school?

You can access Collections on the latest version of Follett Destiny® Library Manager using Follett Destiny Discover®. If you're not currently on the latest version, ask your technology team to help you upgrade.

Check out the quick reference guides to learn how to set up Destiny Discover, as well as master how to use, share and create Collections.

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